The Three Most Important Benefits of Website Templates

Not all websites need to have a custom design and not all websites can use a template, this post will help you to decide which option will be most effective for you and more importantly your users. If you are still not sure if a template is right for you please contact us now and let us lend our expertise. If you are sure a template website is the right fit for you we offer several different options see them all now.
Faster Points:
• Templates are still custom
• Templates are faster to launch than Custom Sites
• Templates have been proven effective over many iterations
• Templates cost less

FasterPress E-store WordPress Customizable Theme

How a template website different from a custom website

Templates are made to be unique to your business or organization just like a custom website, however their underlying foundation (code) is pre-made, so the basic functional elements like navigation and layout remain the same. This means you are guaranteed fully optimized website functionality that has been tested and proven over many iterations. While the foundation does not change, the branding and content are still very much unique to each template. Colors, custom designed logos, and content will be added to the template to make its external appearance one of a kind and unique to your business. Whereas a custom website offers a unique foundation and appearance that is tailored to your needs specifically, allowing features and functionality to be created as you see fit. Custom websites are built from the ground up whereas templates are built upon an existing foundation and then customized.


The Benefits of a template over a custom site

  • Because templates are built upon a preexisting foundation and the most difficult aspects of development have already been completed they are much faster to launch than a custom website, that requires many hours of manual coding to implement functionality and layout aspects unique to it. This means in many instances a template can be launched in a period of weeks rather designed and built over a period of months like a custom website. This saves time, meaning your site can become a resource for your business or organization in driving traffic, awareness, and sales in a very short period compared to a custom website.


  • You know exactly what your sites functionality and layout will be before you even purchase it. You don’t need to imagine how your site will function or think about what features you want to have, they are already there for you to experiment with and explore on the example custom theme website. You can see exactly how your customers will likely interact with it and analyze its ease of use to ensure it fits you and your users’ needs before you ever make a purchase. Fasterpress templates have been optimized for conversions through many tests and trials, so you get functionality that has been designed and developed to drive more sales , leads, or donations.


  • The costs are much lower than a custom website, because the most difficult and time consuming design and build aspects are already completed. Instead of dozens or hundreds of hours spent on design and development of a fully customized website your customized template just requires the addition of your unique branding, content, and or products. This savings is then passed on to you making a custom template many times more affordable than a custom website. There is also another benefit to lower design and development costs, it means you can focus more of your time or budget on the thing consumers really want, and that is generating useful content and information that gives them what they are looking for, while making it easy to find. Instead of spending time and money on unique design and functionality aspects which don’t help you generate more traffic, spend it on copy-writing, content generation and SEO, giving search engine bots and users a reason to come to your website in the first place.

what users want from a website

Which should I choose?


  • Time- If you need a website launched in a short period of time to meet a deadline or to start generating revenue for your business or organization, you should proceed with a template.


  • Cost- If your budget is limited but you require a website, a template will provide you with unique branding at a much more affordable price than a custom website.


  • Marketing- If budget constraints mean you can only afford a custom website and no marketing or SEO, think about a template with marketing and SEO. It doesn’t matter how unique your website is if people can’t find it in search. Marketing and SEO is a must.


Custom Websites:

  • Needs- If you have unique users and needs a custom website is required. For instance if you need databases, custom dealer portals, lots of pages, video support, or other unique features a template cannot provide, you will need a custom design and development.


  • Scalability- If you will need to have the ability to quickly scale up the size of your website, with very large amounts of new products, information, or features you will need a custom design.


  • Exclusivity- If you need or want to have a one of a kind brand presence on the web you will need a custom website.


  • Marketing- If you desire marketing to be a primary revenue driver and intend to do large amounts of PPC advertising, a custom website gives you the ability to make unique landing pages and user experiences that increase the effectiveness of PPC compared to a template.


Templates and custom websites each have their pros and cons and each can fulfill different purposes, either choice entails an investment in your future and should not be taken without carefully analyzing the needs of your business, but more importantly your customers and users. Your choice of website design whether custom or template should always be focused on meeting the needs of your users.

If you are not sure if a template website is right for you or you have any other questions we would be happy to help, please Contact Us Today.